About Us

Voyage is on a mission to digitally transform the global freight industry. We are actively engaged in solving this problem, with a team of experienced professionals our goal is to make the end-to-end shipping process is frictionless. Voyage has developed a Proprietary End-to-End Digital Shipping Cloud Platform that makes shipping cheaper and better for businesses. With the use of Voyage Cloud, customers will be able to book, ship, track, clear customs, and deliver shipments all from one integrated system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate global trade by automating the cargo delivery process, improving visibility, and ensuring a seamless customer experience, from origin to destination. Using technology, we are disrupting the global shipping industry and making shipping as simple and transparent as placing an order online.

Our Vision

To make it possible for any person to trade anything; anywhere. We are helping to create an equal environment for large and small traders. By creating a digital ecosystem for logistics, we are simplifying the complexities of global trade and making it easy and accessible for all. We want small-scale businesses to leverage the use of technology to be able to avail services, traditionally only available to large industries with extensive supply chain teams.